Create special memories on Scarlet Pearl with various activities in Lan Ha Bay that offer unforgettable experiences with the locals and immerse yourself in its beautiful nature.

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For guests who enjoy being active and adventurous, Scarlet Pearl has the perfect choice for you: spend a lively time kayaking in the gorgeous area of Lan Ha Bay.

Unlike the touristy Halong Bay, the waters of Lan Ha Bay are more pristine and peaceful.

Its expansive area means you are allowed to explore by yourself some of the hundreds of secluded islands and beaches, or follow our experienced local guide in exciting activities.


(only for 3-day 2-night itinerary) Welcome aboard a top-quality, real catamaran-style boat and explore the bay's best spots for a great catch. Feel free to relax and savor the gorgeous, calm waters of Lan Ha Bay which has incredible biodiversity. You can sit back on the sun-drenched catamaran and sail in luxurious tranquility to the unspiled spot of the bay.


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How often can you enjoy a gorgeous beach away from the crowds?

You can now with Scarlet Pearl. Halong Bay is home to a huge range of uninhabited islands that can be explored.

For this activity, you will be taken to one of these deserted islands to appreciate peace and quiet on your very own private beach.

Take a dip in the emerald waters, stroll along the soft sand, or just lie back and take in the sunshine whilst admiring the stunning beauty of the bay.

Dawn View

Sailing in the beautiful Lan Ha Bay, guests can reap the benefits of some of the most incredible views on offer in all of Halong Bay from the luxury of the Scarlet Pearl.

Choose to enjoy each stunning sunrise and sunset from the convenience of the restaurant and bar decks, or take in the scenery from your own private sundeck or spacious balcony.

Prepare your cameras to capture the stunning beauty as the sun rises and falls, its reflection rippling and sparkling on the water.

Sip on a cocktail or fresh juice, taking in the majestic views that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.

Village Explore

Jump at this chance to witness and be a part of Halong Bay’s local culture with Scarlet Pearl.

Viet Hai is a charming small village set off the beaten track amongst the mountains of Cat Ba National Park.

Beautifully preserved and offering a lovely place for exploration, meet the locals, see their homes, and observe aspects of their daily lives, such as farming in the fields.

Take a bicycle trip or hike to a cave or mountaintop.

A visit to Viet Hai Village is a wonderful way to get active, be with the local people in beautiful surroundings.